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Health – Top Food Preferences

Produces a secret ingredient Lycopene, which decreases the risk of breast, cervical, prostate and digestive tract Ca., decreases the risk of age related macular degeneration, the most freq. cause of blindness for Filipinos.

How do you prepare tomatoes? It is better absorbed when cooked also found n guavas, pakwan , suha, warning in those taking statins like lipitor, zocor etc don’t eat anything that has suha when you are taking these drugs because it produces muscular toxicity or degeneration of muscular tissues.

Oats – Oatmeal
Beta-glucan – a peptide that increases HDLand decreases hardening of the artery, serves as a spongy fiber that sweeps away bad cholesterol outside the body also produces Avenanthramides that prevent free radicals to destroy the body, decreases LDL – Decreases risk of CV diseases

– produces Omega 3. In the pacific Ocean, the big fish eat the smaller fish, the smaller fish eat the small fish and small fish eat algae which produces Omega 3 – decreases cholestesterol level

– also found in Tonsoy, tamban, tangigue, hala2, lapad, blue and yellow marlin

– Platelets are part of the blood responsible for clotting during injury, and sometimes they clamp together and stick to the walls of the artery.

– protects the brain cells from damage- prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

– produces glutein which prevents macular degeneration that causes blindness by 36%

– contains carotenoids to protect cataract

– contains Folic Acid that prevent Neural Tube Defect during pregnancy that’s why pregnant women are given Folic acid

– also contains Vit E- that prevent the release of homocysteine linked to heart disease

contains Sulfurane called Endol 3 carbonate – detoxify CA producing substances

Don’t cook well, make it crunchy or hard.

GARLIC – contains ALLELE SULFIDE that decreases Cholesterol and prevent the blood from sticking together, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti malaria.

Pili, almonds, peanuts, pistachio,walnuts – contains good chol. – mono unsaturated , poly unsaturated FFA contains Vit E- a powerful anti oxidant that increases HDL contains Elagic acid –
causes apoptosis, makes CA cells to commit suicide or kill themselves guideline is to take a handful per day not more

LOMBOY – small but terrible containing anthocyanins, prevents CVD, CA, increase brain power. – tested in rats fed w/ blueberries after a month old rats were perfect in balancing logs more than
the younger ones, so if you want a good performance level in memory test .

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