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The good diet – How nutrition can save?

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The good diet…

Fortunately, there’s a solution to all this: Any nation that wishes to remain strong and successful must follow a “good” diet. What is a good diet?

• Consists primarily of fresh, unprocessed plants (fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) which can be made into a variety of delicious recipes (raw food chefs are especially good at this craft).

• Minimizes consumption of meat or animal products (including dairy).

• Avoids virtually all processed, manufactured foods and beverages, or only uses them sparingly.

• Consists of a wide variety of different foods so that phytonutrient diversity is high, providing consumers with a steady supply of plant-based medicine that prevents disease.

• Includes substantial time outdoors, in nature, where vitamin D can be created and stored in the body.

• Minimizes or eliminates all refined sugars and carbohydrates (like white flour).

• Eliminates GMOs from the food supply in order to avoid the health damage caused by GM foods.

• Minimizes consumption of foods sprayed with chemical pesticides or fungicides. This not only helps prevent disease caused by such chemicals; it also protects the environment from chemical contamination.

• Incorporates adequate hydration from clean water (while avoiding dubious liquids such as sodas and sports drinks).

• Includes nutritional supplementation to correct nutritional imbalances or deficiencies. (This can be accomplished through superfoods, food-based vitamins, etc.)

This diet, as you might guess, is rarely pursued by the average American consumer. Only highly health-conscious individuals even attempt such a diet, and it does require extra time, effort and money to make a reality. But the benefits are worth it. They can, in fact, save a nation from destruction!


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