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Benefits of a good diet!!!

The benefits of a healthy diet (and why good nutrition is patriotic!)


Here are some of the many benefits that will be experienced by any nation pursuing a healthy diet:

Personal Health: With a healthy diet, degenerative disease rates plummet by as much as 90 percent. People live longer and happier, with far greater productivity. Disease industries go bankrupt as their customer base vanishes.

Health Care Costs: Health care costs plummet by 90%, saving the nation trillions of dollars in sick-care treatment costs. People who used to have jobs in the sick-care industry can now dedicate their professional efforts to something more useful to the economy.

Education: On a healthy diet, children are far easier to educate. Their minds work better, so grades go up, test scores improve, behavioral problems are reduced and the nation once again starts to compete with academic achievers from other nations.

Employment & Economy: A healthy, nutritionally-supported workforce is highly productive. With improved mental and physical health, people are easily able to find and keep productive jobs. Unemployment rates plummet. Employees’ increased productivity makes them more competitive from the point of view of employers, so fewer companies outsource jobs, effectively bringing more jobs back to the U.S. Remember: Employers want to hire healthy workers, but they tend to shun unhealthy workers.

Violent Crime: With increased job opportunities and improved mental health due to a good diet, violent crime rates plummet. Prisons become ghost towns as the prison industry suffers “downsizing.” Cities save money by needing fewer cops. Many people who might have been criminals while eating bad diets become job-holding, tax-paying citizens under a good diet. (This isn’t an oversimplification. Crime and nutritional deficiencies are strongly correlated. Check the medical literature to learn more…)

Happiness: A healthy population is a happy population.

Genetic Integrity: On a healthful diet, the genetic integrity of the population remains well-protected. So the genetic future of the population stays intact.

Economic Productivity: Economic productivity skyrockets. A healthy, productive workforce remains globally competitive while creating long-term job security.

World Leadership: With a healthy, productive and innovative workforce, the nation has a strong economy which translates into greater opportunities for world leadership. The nation has more influence over international trade, diplomacy, problem resolution, global resource allocation, and so on.

Democracy & Freedom: A healthy, happy and well-educated population can participate in Democracy in a thoughtful way. As a result, voters make wiser choices by assessing politicians for their skills and ideas rather than their TV presence. Democracy gets healthier as the voters apply critical thinking skills (and strong educational backgrounds) to their voting decisions. A healthy Democracy with intelligent voters helps create and protect a more free society.

As you can see, a good diet positively impacts virtually every area of importance to a nation, from the economy and happiness to freedom itself.

Every nation has a choice about what sort of diet it promotes to its People. What choice has YOUR nation chosen?





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