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Grow Taller in Natural Ways!

Best Sleeping Position To Grow Taller


You probably don’t know it yet but the manner you sleep is also a big factor in helping you grow taller in height.  Although sleeping eight hours a day ensures you of a normal production of your growth hormones, the position you sleep in also helps you grow taller faster.

What is the Best Sleeping Position to Grow Taller?

1.  You will have a more favorable height increase if you sleep flat on your back.  If you feel uncomfortable you can put a small pillow under your neck.  You should not however lie flat with your legs straight.


Sleeping to Grow Taller


Sleeping to Grow Taller!

Be sure to put a couple of pillows beneath your knees.  This is the best sleeping position for you to grow taller because this allows a more balanced posture and it lengthens as well as relaxes your back muscles.



3 Proven Ways To Grow Taller Naturally

You’re interested in growing taller, aren’t you?   Although for some people being tall is not something to lose sleep over but if you are height-challenged, you probably think otherwise.  There are a lot of ways you can do today to help you grow taller naturally.  The good news is you don’t have to risk your health anymore by taking growth hormone pills.

Natural Ways To Grow Taller

Have a good night sleep.

If you still don’t know it yet, it is during our sleep that our pituitary gland produces and releases more natural growth hormones.   Stop making excuses of being busy at work or making deadlines.  Manage your time better so you’ll have enough time to sleep at night.  Allow yourself to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep everyday.

Eat lots of protein.

Eating a proper diet is a given.  You will need all the nutrition you can get for your body to grow stronger as it grows in length.  You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite fast food as long as you don’t forget to eat your protein before any carbohydrate.  You can get lots of protein from chicken, turkey and other poultry products.  Don’t forget to drink milk.

Perform regular exercises.

Stretching exercises is one of the natural ways to grow taller in height.  You will be able to loosen up the ligaments and cartilages in your neck region and other parts of your body.  Most of the yoga asanas are the best stretching exercises you can do and they are the foundation of most grow taller exercises today.

You are tired of looking up to others and being looked down to.  I know how it is to feel inferior just because you are smaller.  You want to learn how to grow taller with exercises because you know there’s nothing much offered for short people in our society today.

I’m happy that you found my blog.  This is your opportunity to start striving for a much better stature in life without having to envy tall people.  Now you can do something about it by performing these exercises to increase your height.

3 Simple Stretching Exercises To Get Taller

1.  Stretch your arms, legs and body.  While lying, reach out for the top of your bed and stretch your whole body as far as you can go while twisting and turning in every way you can to wake up all your muscles.  Do this every morning when you wake up and also at night before going to sleep.exercise1

2.  Sixty second bicycle ride.  Lift your lower body into the air with your hands on your hips.  Straighthen your legs and start performing a pedaling motion like riding a bicycle with your legs up.


3.  Head and neck exercises.  Sit up straight on bed.  Try to touch your chin as close as you can go to your chest.  Then slowly start a circular motion of your head extending as far to the left, back, to the right and close to your chest once more.  Repeat the circular motion for a few times then do it on the opposite direction.




Drinking Milk To Grow Taller


drink_milkHow does drinking milk help you grow taller?  The simple answer is calcium – the best grow taller nutrition you get from milk.  Each glass you drink contains around 300mg of calcium which is just one third of the recommended daily dosage.

Our bones need a daily supplement of 1000 mg of calcium everyday.  This only means that we all need to drink at least 3 glasses of milk a day to get the real benefits from it.  This mineral is crucial to the development of our cartilages and bones.

Morever, milk is also a good source of protein.  Do you know that protein ranks on top of the chain as a grow taller food?  You can get lots of protein also from eating fish, lean beef and your favorite chicken.

If ever you need to take a light snack, I would suggest you choose nuts.  This will be a good help to your goal of growing taller than just choosing to eat a bag of potato chips which do not only help you but may also retard your growth as well.

These simple tips to grow taller are often taken for granted by a lot of people but you must always take into consideration that every bit you follow will help you in your height increasing goals.  Following a good program of stretching exercises to the proper grow taller nutrition should bring you closer to an inch or two increase in height after a few weeks time regardless of your age or genetic makeup.



3 Tips On How To Grow Taller Naturally


Here are my best 3 tips on how to grow taller naturally without taking any synthetic pills or expensive growth hormone injections.

1.  Be sure to get enough sleep everyday.

I’m sure you’ve heard your mom said a lot of times that you should go to bed early so you would grow faster.  Moms do know best.  Our pituitary glands which are responsible of making us grow taller work harder when we are asleep.  And it is during the first two hours of our sleep is the most critical period.

2.  Drink at lease one cup of milk everyday.

Did you know that a cup of milk is equivalent to taking in 300 mg of Calcium?  This is valuable for you to produce new cartilages that in turn would strengthen to be bones.   As an adult we all need to absorb a daily dose of 1000 mg of calcium to keep our body on reconstructing minute damages on our bones.

3.  Learn how to swim.

Swimming is one of the popular exercises known to help people to grow taller naturally.  When you swim, the movements you do help increase your height by stretching the whole length of your spine.  Learn the breast stroke because you will achieve the maximum benefit in growth with this kind of swimming style.




Courtesy By: Youtube (How to Grow Taller Tips that Works)




How Do You Grow Taller Naturally


Understanding all there is to know about how to grow taller naturally can be a confusing sometimes.  There are a lot of myths with regards to gaining a natural increase in height.  If you really want to grow taller you must first have a good grasp on how the growth process works.

Knowing and separating the truth from the myths will help you avoid getting scammed by numerous height increasing products available online.   Everybody grows but we don’t hit our growth spurts all in the same time.  That is why some of our high school friends are taller than us after a few years.

When we grow older, our cartilage bones turn to solid.  Most of our smaller bones unite and become a large bone through the process of “ossification”.  This is the reason why younger children have more bones than adults.

When cartilage do not turn to solid they still continue to make new tissue and the old cartilage turns into bone.  This natural process makes us grow taller even more.  But once all of our cartilage will no longer produce new tissues this means they have already “ossified”, meaning you have already reached your final height as an adult.

Now that you know the natural growth process you should take advantage of the things you can do to help yourself grow even taller.  Your height greatly affects how you carry yourself and your lifestyle.

Trying to achieve maximum height is the same as striving to be the best you can be.  It is like giving yourself every opportunity to win in life.




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