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Covid VS People of the World!


31st of March, 2021 – around 10:26pm (Philippine Time)

Step by step reminder!

The situation is getting worse and the people whom we rely upon to help solve this crisis are already overwhelmed. We therefore have to start thinking of what we can do to help us cope with this pandemic. The question is what can those without any medical training do to help solve a medical emergency like Covid? Unlike the frontliners, we have been mere spectators up to now, watching and busily isolating and protecting ourselves and our families. However, at this stage we also need to think of what else we can do to help.

In this regard, we thought of initiating a Covid Survival Playbook – a comprehensive step by step procedure that anybody can refer to during this Pandemic. Although it may not guarantee survival, we hope that it will help improve our chances of beating this virus. We however reiterate that our initial version is simply a compilation of information that though we think are useful, may not be applicable to everybody.

There may even be those who would not agree to some of the items here. It is for this reason that we are sending this to you so you can participate by filling in, correcting or adding other details to make this playbook as comprehensive as possible. COVID SURVIVAL PLAYBOOK

  • Prevention

⁃ Exercise

⁃ Eat healthy food (fruits, veggies); no to fast food, instant food

⁃ Sleep 7-8 hours/day

⁃ Take following vitamins: • Vitamin C and D3 • B complex • Zinc

  • Keep the following item at home:

• paracetamol

• thermometer

• pulse oximeter (available at Mercury / Shopee / Lazada)

• oxygen cylinder (for emergency only)

– Do breathing exercises

– Wash hands often

– Stay home but should you need to go out:

• Wear face mask and shield

• Social distancing

• Take a bath and change clothes as soon as you get home

• Avoid visitors

• Wear protection and keep distance when receiving deliveries. Use trays when receiving/giving out goods and or cash. Wash hands after .

• Keep deliveries and or purchased groceries in staging area for some time before bringing them inside the house.

• Reheat food deliveries

• Disinfect items held or will use ⁃ Use own utensils II.

Upon learning that you had close contact with a person who tested positive:

a) Isolate: If no symptoms, the ff supplements may be taken in isolation: • Vitamin C – 1000 mg • Vitamin E

b) Sleep 7-8 hours

c) Sunshine for 15-20 mins/day

d) Egg meal once daily

e) Drink 1.5 liters of water daily

IIII. When experiencing Covid 19 symptoms such as the following: itchy throat, dry throat, fever, dry cough, LBM, loss of smell and/or taste, shortness of breath

a) CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR : Name ⁃ Tel no.

While waiting for the doctor’s advice, initial treatment as follows:

Covid only in nose: Vitamin C – 1,000 to 2,000mg

Covid in throat (sore throat) : Water gargle, warm water to drink, paracetamol if with fever, Vitamin C and B complex. Antibiotic if fever is severe.

Covid in lungs (coughing and breathlessness) : Vitamin C and B complex, hot water gargle, oximeter (98-100 normal), oxygen cylinder if severe, paracetamol, lots of liquid and deep breathing exercises.

b) Get a swab test or saliva test – Red Cross Saliva Test – P2k Swab Test – P3800 – Any hospital in the area

c) Inform village/barangay d) Help contact trace IV.

If symptoms worsen, your oxygen level falls below 95, and/or you are experiencing difficulty in breathing:


Shared by: Restorative Justice Ministry. Updated Swab/Saliva Test.

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