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USANA Nutritional Food & Supplement™




(For Prevention)

            Essentials is a foundation of all nutrients, and made balance, complete and tested. It is called as Best of Best Supplement worldwide and rated 5star Gold from NutriSearch.

It contains complete Vitamins, complete Minerals & with 18powerful Antioxidants that has the capacity to regenerate damage cells.



(For Specific Health concern)

PROFLAVANOL– this is made of Grape-seed extract that contains Bioflavonoids which is very powerful for Cardiovascular problems like HighBlood / Hypertension, it serves as cholesterol build-up scrubber. This is also good in some forms of allergies, like Asthma etc., this is 50x more potent than Vit-C & Vit-E compare in the market & serves as powerful immune-system booster, this is best to have healthy younger looking skin.

COQUINONE-30 – this is best for vital heart problem because of CoEnzyme Q10. Also good and tested in Diabetic, it regulate blood sugar level because of Alpha-Lipoic Acid. It helps hormonal imbalance & fertility/sperm count problem. Note: (This is good for fast restoration of strength esp., cancer & stroke patient.

BIOMEGA – this is for cholesterol build-up prevention because of Omega-3 Fish-oil, it also contain EPA-DHA for neural development both young & adult, & it prevent memory gap problem. It also lessen the pain for hemorrhoid problem.

HEPASIL (Detoxifier) – it contain high-quality milk-thistle extract for liver protection against oxidative damage. Secondly, it also protects kidney & gall-bladder, it addresses smokers, alcoholic, fastfood lover & stressful people. Tested in fatty-liver, ulcer, kidney stone & gall-stone, also it protects drug-dependent people of synthetic maintenance side-effects.

ACTIVE CALCIUM – best for calcium deficiencies like osteoporosis & scoliosis, and some inborn with calcium problem both bone & muscles also good in Hyper-acidity.

PROCOSA – it contain natural Glucosamin Sulfate for Joint Lubricant & Cartilage repair (Rheuma & Arthritis). It has turmeric extract serves as natural Pain Reliver, alternative for some synthetic medicine like Alaxan, etc.

VISIONEX – it has complete antioxidants for the eye, Lutein, Billberry extract & Zeaxanthin (it prevents aneurism) and common eyes problems.



(Meal Replacement Therapy)


NUTRIMEAL – it contain right amount of fats, carbohydrates, protein & dietary fiber, it corrects metabolism & prevents carb-cravings. Just follow the program called RESET PROGRAM that guaranteed 10lbs in 10 days.




SENSE – natural beauty product from the sea-weeds extract, for skin problems like, pimples, acne, skin blemishes and more.


(Note: Usana is FDA/BFAD/DSAP Certified, listed in All Medical References, Reg. in NYSE, 5StarGold Worldwide in 3rdParty Research (Comparative Guide), 100% Organic & Natural from Fruits & Vegetables Extract, NO-Overdose, NO-SideEffect, NO-ContraIndication & Pharma-Grade, & 20years with 18Branches worldwide and continues expanding!)

USANA – Nutritionals You Can Trust™ God Bless!!!

Contact: Engr. Ardy Motos | Cp#: 0932.615.3894 / 0947.818.2008





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